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  • It is said that the origin of flying balloons are Kongming Lanterns in Chinese ancient times. But they were truly developed in France. At the beginning, hydrogen was chosen to be the gas to fill in flying balloons. But people realized that there could be a inflatable arch safety problem when we did not inflate in a hundred percent pure hydrogen, it may come out with a explosion. Gradually, with the discovery of helium, their features of safety and inactive made it became the best choice to be the gas of flying balloons. Until now, helium balloons are keeping popular among people. And the types of helium balloons are becoming more and more, such as cartoon characters type and animals type.
    In some way, helium balloons not only bring joy to people but also can create a magic thing. Few years ago, in 2011, a report about a real flying cabin with just three hundred helium balloons was shocked by so many people. Next is about the original report l would like to share with you.

    Do you remember the flying cabin of Mr. Karl in an American cartoon movie called Up? Recently, a group made by scientists, engineers, hot air balloon pilots and volunteers from America made this fairy tale came true. According to British Daily News reported, a 4.8 meters width and 5.5 meters height cabin flied to about 3,000 meters height keeping flying about an hour in the pull of 300 helium balloons. Each helium balloon is 8 feet in this flying experiment. It was happened in a desert in California State, America. And a 'tenant�� joined in this flying experiment. For sure, the flying cabin in this experiment was made by special light material instead of concrete material. Ben Bowie, the CEO of this experiment, said that they found that it was impossible to make a real house to fly in the sky. Ian White, the producer, added that All they could did was to make a light material cabin so that it could fly up safety.

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